Friday, August 15, 2008

Kidney Update: Good News

Every bit of news from my kidney doctor today was good.

He told me my primary caretaker is cautious, a bit of a worrier (nothing wrong with that), but that the change in my numbers was not significant.

My numbers have remained constant ever since I had meningitis.

He's very happy with how I'm keeping my blood pressure under control and he liked how my cholesterol looked. These are the two things I must always be the most vigilant about so the medicine is working and I'm confident that my abstinence from alcohol is helping a lot, too.

I don't have to see my kidney doctor (nephrologist) for another year.

Too bad this weekend is so busy. I'd love to go to the casino to celebrate. But, I'll wait until I go to Kellogg and celebrate with Ed in Worley.

Too bad there's not a game called Kidney Kaboodle.

Thanks a lot for your concern.

PS Bob, Thanks for the tip on the China kidney. I'll keep it in mind if I need a spare.


MGM said...

Glad to hear the good news!

Did you check with your doc on whether your kidneys will be stressed too much with the pregnancy and all?

raymond pert said...


What's wrong with me? My doctor and I discussed so many things and I forgot to mention my cravings and my pregnancy.


I'll drop him a note over the weekend just to make sure.

I deeply appreciate your concern.

JBelle said...

Gee, both you and and Snug are on the mend. North Idaho, look out!