Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hiking the Urban Forest

Skirting Eugene's south city boundary, the Ridgeline Trail cuts through forested hills easily accessed from several trail heads in or just outside the city limits. Snug and I entered the Ridgeline today from the Spring Blvd. trail head.

Being an urban forest, looking to the right, early on in our hike, the forest stretched up the mountain:

Looking to the left, stood the last of several houses, reflecting the affluence of many of the residents of Spring Blvd.:

Moss hanging on trees is plentiful on the Ridgeline Trail:

Snug loved this hike!


JBelle said...

At long last, I think I am going to do the Coast to Coast hike. Google it. Unfortunately, it does NOT go through Eugene.

Desert Diva said...

Wow, what a beautiful trail. I really enjoyed walking along the river near the mall when I was in Eugene.

Nita Jo said...

Awww, I love the Snug picture. Such happy eyes. Never spent much time in Eugene. Looks beautiful.