Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sunday Scribblings: Jesse Ventura Dreamin'

Jesse Ventura

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Somewhere deep in the mildewed cobwebs of the pickle jar-lined earthen wall cellar of my unconscious mind, Jesse Ventura has been lurking like a rogue Carpathian boar enraged for months by the throbbing of an abscessed tusk.

I have to ask, how did Jesse Ventura get into my head?

Moreover, why did I dream about him just before waking up this morning?

In my dream, Jesse was a washed up former action movie star. His unsuccessful plastic surgery left his face looking like a third grade girl playing Little Miss Muffet in a school pageant. Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Sylvester Stallone, Randy Savage, Steven Seagal, The Rock, Vin Diesel, Arnold Schwarzenagger, and Kimbo Slice circled around him, taunted him, and pushed him around, taking turns humiliating him, calling him names, tripping him, forearming him under the chin, and punching him in the face.

Suddenly, then, Jesse was in a situation similar to one I'd seen on YouTube this past week when members of the Christian motorcycle gang the Set Free Soldiers were providing security at some event and had rushed in and were tossing trouble makers aside.

Jesse Ventura tried to do the same, but was impotent, feeble, unable to stop any violence. The troublemakers laughed at his bravado and ineptitude. Jesse was irrelevant.

Then, suddenly a huge truck from a rental place like "Party City" hauled all this huge stuff for a big party Jesse wanted to throw that Jesse had rented and couldn't pay for and backed it into the bottom of the building housing Jesse's condo and violently smashed the building's foundations and thanks to Jesse's acting like he could pay for all this stuff he had no money for, the whole building was brought to the ground.

Mocked, humiliated, girl-faced, weak, homeless, and broke, Jesse tunnelled his way underneath a hospital and emerged at the side of a dying woman and heroically was able to quickly, miraculously transplant blood from his own system to hers, saving her life.

I woke up.

So I ask, what's this dream about? Why Jesse Ventura? Why the humiliation? Why the heroic ending?

I haven't a clue, but since the topic of the weekend is what it is, I thought I'd ask.


Inland Empire Girl said...

Welll... I have to ask... why does this picture give me the creeps? Does JV remind me of some scary guy that lurked in the shadows when I was growing up?

raymond pert said...

It is a creepy picture.

Was Bob Wintermute (r.i.p.)lurking in the shadows?

Katrina said...

And I thought I had weird dreams! Maybe this is your subconscious mind warning you of the ills of plastic surgery. I hope you're not considering having any work done, RP. It would be the death knell for your acting career, for one thing. It's hard to play King Lear when your skin is stretched so tight you can't blink, let alone evince all the requisite wrinkles that a good Lear demands. Reflect before you inject! ;)

(And I'm glad you enjoyed my photo of the house we're bidding on. We told the realtor that we had to have 87 bedrooms, bare minimum. We were willing to skimp on the size of the ballroom to get that 23rd bathroom, though. You have to make sacrifices somewhere, right?)

Nita Jo said...

There's no doubt... that picture is creepy. It's recent Michael Jackson photo creepy!

Loved the dream though. So much detail... what does it mean? Maybe when The Mighty Have Fallen there is still a possibility of redemtive (is that a word?!) behavior...
even when you're girl-faced. LOL

DJPare said...

Damn...What were you smoking or drinking before bed? :)

Just Jen said...

what did you eat before falling asleep? LOL

Granny Smith said...

Have you sold any of your dreams? This has a better plot than most movies.

Seriously, you are a first rate satirist with an amazing feel for the words to use for maximum humor effect.