Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ducks Trump Scrape in Sheriff Race

On Wednesday, August 6th, Kellogg's almost daily newspaper ran a letter to the editor written by current Shoshone County sheriff Chuck Reynalds. Reynalds was defeated in the primary election for sheriff in May by Gary Yergler, who ran on a platform of honesty and integrity. Reynalds accused Yergler of having lied in a campaign brochure about earning a degree at North Idaho College and having submitted inaccurate or dishonest information on his Campaign Finanacial Disclocsure Report. You can read Reynalds' letter, here.

Pretty juicy stuff. I thought the Shoshone News Press might follow up on this letter and look into these allegations and at least ask Gary Yergler to comment. I thought it might be the top story in today's online edition of the Shoshone News Press.

But, no, it's just different in Kellogg.

Today's top story was headlined Students Learn About Duck Tagging. The picture accompanying the story is really sweet:

So far, though, nothing about Reynalds' accusations.

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Nita Jo said...

I like that kind of news. Get enough of the other down here. That is a great picture!