Friday, August 22, 2008

Three Beautiful Things 08/22/08: Dog Bite Botox, Swelling Coming Down, Man Card at Risk (Again)

1. Dog bite Botox: Dog bite gets infected. Swells. Hand wrinkles gone.

2. Dog bite Botox is a short term remedy for hand wrinkles. Mine are coming back.

3. Plans are beginning to get concrete for a Sibling Outing in Spokane on Aug. 29. All I can say is that I will once again put my Man Card at risk: the day will end with a viewing of "Mama Mia". If I say my mom really wants to see it and I can't refuse seeing it with my mom and and my sisters can I get a pass?


JBelle said...

aw, geez. do not cave to this crap. I saw it on Broadway and wondered if I was really that pathetic about the theatre. Turns out I am. But that was Broadway. This is the AMC Cinema, dude. Just say no. You can hang out in The Peacock Room at the Davenport and greet them as soon as they get on the escalator to the parking garage. YOU CAN BUY THEM B & J. There's a way out of this. But you must be brave.

Inland Empire Girl said...

Bury that man card deeper... you may be doing a lip sync down the aisle of the theater to "Dancing Queen" if we have our way.

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