Saturday, August 23, 2008

Three Beautiful Things 08/23/08: Andrea, Vanessa, Molly

1. I ran into Andrea at Albertson's at the buy 2, get 2 free twelve packs of Pepsi display and we had a long and wonderful talk about dogs, her new place she's moving into, the fact of her recent marriage, LCC students from the past, and when was I going to get over to Andrea's place of employment and talk with John about retirement planning.

2. Then! Then I had a quick chat with Vanessa and she got me kind of fired up when she told me she thought she might go to Southern Oregon University when she's done at LCC and study Anthropology and Photojournalism together. That sounded splendid to me.

3. Molly left today to fly back to Texas. The beautiful thing? She didn't want to leave.

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