Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Three Beautiful Things 08/18/08: Snarky, History, Cloudy

1. I went out to my work place to tie up some loose ends on a couple of projects and Margaret was there, too, and I got to unburden myself of some snarky comments that had been building up inside. Always good to get rid of those.

2. Having heard the band the Floydian Slips has inspired me to find footage of Pink Floyd from their hey day and to listen to interviews with the group, especially Roger Waters and David Gilmour. I've never been a big enough fan of Pink Floyd to dig deep into their music and their history, but that has changed.

3. All day the sky was cloudy, gray and air cool and damp: my favorite weather. No glare. No heat. Perfect. I'd be happy if the sun hid behind gray clouds every day.

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