Monday, August 4, 2008

Three Beautiful Things 08/04/08: Law and Order, Madison Middle School, Summer of '93 Obsession

1. The Deke loves watching crime shows. Usually she watches on her computer. Tonight she was watching Law and Order in the living room and I watched an episode and enjoyed watching Jack McCoy figure out that the murdered publishing heiress's working class house painting second husband was having an affair with her seventeen year daughter and that the tender words he whispered in her ears while making love with her were the very same words he used when making love with the rich woman he met on a job, tender, flattering words that made both his stepdaughter and his client feel loved and wanted and special, something both women longed for. The case hinged on McCoy figuring this out.

2. Walking Snug up by Madison Middle School brought back enjoyable memories of when I umpired for youth baseball on the field near the school.

3. InlandEmpireGirl and I are sharing an obsession with the summer of 1993. IEG, Silver Valley Girl, her husband and daughter, all met at the Oregon Coast in the summer of '93, but Mom and Dad didn't come. We are trying to figure out what Mom and Dad were doing. If you are reading this and happen to know why Mom and Dad didn't come to Oregon that summer, please leave a comment. It will help me and my sister sleep much better.

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