Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Three Beautiful Things 08/05/08: Moving Mountains, Joshing Katrina, Family Joke

1. I was about to give up on reading "Moving Mountains", a story about small town West Virginian citizens in Logan County working to win justice against Big Coal. I didn't feel well yesterday, so I gave it another go today and with a better mindset and better energy, the book is not only really picking up, it's got me surfing all over the World Wide Web researching people, events, and institutions associated with West Virginia.

2. I enjoyed giving Katrina some good-hearted ribbing over at Notes on a Napkin, here (in the comments...you can also see her response!).

3. I wrote an imagined conversation between my dad, Aunt Ruth (rip) and Cousin Sharon (rip) and sent it to InlandEmpireGirl and my dream came true: she thought it was really funny.

I'd post that made up dialogue here, but it's totally inside the family joking and wouldn't really register for those of you didn't know all the parties involved.


Inland Empire Girl said...

No kidding about inside the family... JEJ stared at me every time I reread it and almost peed my pants... it doesn't help when you try to explain either.

Jen said...

I was born in West Virginia and have lots of ex-coal mining relatives including both grandfathers and my dad when he was younger. It really is a fascinating place and almost feels like a different country when I go back to visit.