Friday, August 15, 2008

Three Beautiful Things 08/15/08: Kidney Uplift, Attractive Youth, Subaru Body Work

1. My nephrologist liked what he saw when he read my lab results regarding my kidneys. Yes, I have reduced kidney function, but he assured me that I've been at the same level of function loss since I had meningitis back in 1999. He doesn't need to see me for another year unless a drastic change in my renal health occurs. This was a relief.

2. Mark and Carissa got married in a brief, lovely ceremony in Eugene's rustic Hendrick's Park. Carrisa and Mark are in their early twenties and so were many of their friends attending the wedding. I loved how great they all looked: young, colorful, full of energy, attractive. The spirit suffusing the wedding and reception was mirthful which added pleasure to the visual beauty of the evening.

3. It looks like the body work on the Subaru might be finshed by Wednesday, certainly by Thursday. I'm thinking I might leave for Kellogg on Friday so I can be there for the weekend. Arriving Friday would make it more likely that I could see a performance of "Phantoms of the Melodrama" at the Sixth Street Melodrama, directed by my sister, Carol (Silver Valley Girl). I hope I can get a ticket!

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