Friday, August 22, 2008

Three Beautiful Things 08/21/08: Antibiotic, 7-Up, Chicken Soup

The bite Snug gave me has caused infection and given me a fever. The Deke and her kids went out and got me three things to help me heal:

1. Antibiotic.
2. 7-Up.
3. Chicken soup.

I should be better in no time!


Anonymous said...

If you're truly spiking a fever from the dog bite be cautious. Watch the site closely for swelling, suppuration and other signs that something is overly aggressive. If you don't get things under control or they seem like they're going south too quickly go to the E.R.. MRSA once started fires up fast and furious. It is just about everywhere now and you went to a clinic where it really likes to hang out. Not trying to be scary. Just watch it.

Inland Empire Girl said...

It sounds like you are taking what you need. Get well fast. We will miss you visiting north Idaho.

JBelle said...

Boy's got quite a bite for a fella who wears blue bows in his ears. (get well soon.) (kisses--->Snug)

MarmiteToasty said...

Cripes - please get better soon... and eat any soup except chicken, I had to cover Janet, Mabel and Cedrics eyes when I read that, it might be their great auntie maud your sipping on....

Hugs to you.....

raymond pert said...


Things are settling down. The fever was short lived. The swelling is going down, not up. Thanks so much for your advice, though. What you wrote made me much more vigilant and I appreciate it.

JBelle: Blue ribbons can be deceiving.

MarmiteT: I'll try to be more chicken sensitive in the future!

Sissy: I'll be in NI even if my hand is rotting off!