Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Three Beautiful Things 08/13/08: Choke, Mugs-- -- but No Wallet, Old Bastard

1. Nine holes. One good shot: a nine iron that rocketed over a pond fronting the green to about six feet behind the pin, tucked in the back of the green. Then I three-putted. Shit.

2. The Subaru was broken into overnight. The Deke forgot to lock it. The good news: her black wallet was in the car, tucked in a dark slot beneath the radio, and the perps missed it. Why did they steal the Deke's St. Vinnie's mugs? The math games Deke bought for her students? Don't know. But they missed the wallet.

3. These older men were playing behind us at SuttonRidge today. On about the fifth or sixth hole we were walking to our tee shots and a ball flew over us, struck by one of the guys behind us. HE HIT INTO US! They had a cart and sped down to us to apologize. The guy who hit the offending tee shot said that he hadn't been hitting the ball well all day. He was shocked he hit one that far. I smiled broadly, and yelled across the fairway, "I said to Nathan that I'll bet the old bastard hadn't poked a good one all day!" The older guys loved that I said "old bastard" and laughed their way back down the fairway and the rest of our round continued without incident.


Desert Diva said...

I don't know golf lingo, but I take it that your game was "less than perfect."

Sorry to hear about the car being broken into. However, it's good that the Deke's wallet was overlooked. This brings two questions. 1. Are Subaru's the "preferred car" in Oregon? There's a zillion of them it seems. I do know that they are very popular among lesbians, but obviously you all don't fit in that category. 2. Why is the Deke called "the Deke?"

ROTFL at the "old bastard" comment. Too funny!

Inland Empire Girl said...

During one of my two times on the Pinehurst Golf Course I did a big golf etiquette faux pas. I was by the creek and found a ball and picked it up as a souvenir. It was Chuck Eastman's ball that he had just drove down the fairway. To put it mildly... I think I pissed him off.

raymond pert said...

I'm doubled, if not tripled over, with laughter. If you'd handed Chuck a triple gin and tonic, he'd have gotten over it. On the golf course, I think he was in a constant state of hangover or sweating off a drunk.

For sure he's gotten over your faux pas now. He died, you know.