Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 08/03/10: Water, Cool Drive, Pasta Salad and Hot Dog

1. I learned from my last drive to North Idaho from Eugene, that the key to staying awake is hydration. I drank lots of cool water between Eugene and Kellogg and it worked. My energy was good and I made great time.

2. I managed to drive from Eugene to Kellogg almost non-stop, interrupting my drive only to fill up with gas and get some more water. It was a cool drive, no oppressive heat. I drove from Boardman to Kellogg non-stop. The Honda performed well and I made pretty good time: my favorite kind of drive.

3. Mom had a scrumptious pasta salad ready to eat in Kellogg and raised the culinary bar by serving hot dogs along side. After not eating during my Eugene to Kellogg drive, this meal was perfect.

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Jacques said...

I don't go all the way to Eugene, just to Portland.

Do you take the "cutoff" at Umatilla to save yourself a few miles and take a break from the freeway. If not, you might try it once..very relaxing...nice fruit stands just now to pick up some nice fresh food. Easy stops for gas/water/whatever. Very authentic Mexican food if you are into that.