Friday, September 3, 2010

Three Beautiful Things: 09/02/10: Electric Frying Pan, Hole in Wall Breakfast, Billy Mac's Salon

1. While I was at Mom's, I ate a bunch of good dinners she fixed with her electric frying pan, so I decided I'd buy one in Eugene and the capstone experience of my day was going to True Value Hardware (my favorite store in Eugene) and buying one. I also picked up a hot pot and a set of measuring cups. I very, very rarely buy stuff so when I do it makes me kind of giddy.

2. I enjoyed a long, slow, leisurely breakfast over the morning paper at Hole in the Wall BBQ in Springfield: two eggs, hash browns, hot links, flapjacks, and black coffee.

3. A refreshing iced tea and a Ceasar's salad at Billy Mac's added pleasure to the robust conversations about, teaching literature, the cultural backgrounds of our students (and what we experienced growing up), and non-fiction.

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