Sunday, September 12, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 09/10/10: Godfather Bonus, Nourishment, Documenting Home Life

1. It was fun to watch part of the bonus features disc of "The Godfather" trilogy. I especially enjoyed hearing James Caan and Robert Duvall recall incidents in the making of the movies. I also enjoyed seeing audition tapes. It's fun seeing James Caan playing the role of Michael and Robert de Niro trying out as Sonny.

2. Bacon, eggs, and fried potatoes with mushrooms for dinner was satisfying and should keep me nourished for the ton of driving I will be doing tomorrow.

3. For my own sense of order, I’m piecing together fragments of our family’s life and history as documented by the check receipts I have from 1998 to present. It’s fun to think back on things we did, not so fun thinking about all the stuff that happened that required checks to emergency room and hospitals and interesting to remember businesses no longer in existence like Foolscap Books, the Out of the Fog coffeehouse, and others.

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