Monday, September 13, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 09/12/10: Remedies and Wishes, Happy Mike, Welcome

1. Once I posted the fact that I'm in bed ill, friends came forward with remedies to fix and best wishes for my speedy recovery. I appreciated all of this a lot.

2. Ed called. We talked over our visit to Mike. I was happy to learn that Mike called Ed and thanked him again for instigating our visit and even more happy to learn that our visit made him happy.

3. Things are at peace in our home. The Deke and I are at peace. Last night it hit me how happy I am that Molly and Olivia can stay here for a while and that it's easy. I felt the same way when Adrienne visited in May. I felt the same way when Linda and Gerry opened their home up to our Whitworth get together a couple of weeks ago. I'm thinking it must be the same with Terry and Nancy in Gladstone. It's sure this way at my mom's house in Kellogg. And Christy and Everett's. And Carol and Paul's. It's just good when people are at some level of peace with each other and can open their home to visitors and family and it's easy.

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