Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 08/20/10: Minor Car Woes, Car Woes Means Good News, Fried Chicken

1. I took the car to Reco's, but bad luck: the mirror that arrived didn't fit. I went to Reco's Auto Repair to get my speedometer, odometer, gas gauge, etc working again, and bad luck: they were too stacked up to look at my car. But, I trust all will be well and going to Reco's Auto Repair meant seeing its proprietor, Randy Smith, whom I didn't recognize, but who was my tentmate at the 1969 National Boy Scout Jamboree. It was great to see him and to be putting my car under the care of his garage.

2. Not being able to get my car fixed means I'll be home for Pinehurst Days, a big plus, and I'll be home on Sunday when Christy and Everett come to Kellogg, a huge plus.

3. To prepare for Christy and Everett's visit, Mom fried about 1,000 pieces of chicken and we had a great dinner, barely making a dent in all the chicken Mom fixed.

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