Thursday, September 16, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 09/15/10: No Deadline, Better Health, Dog Day Greatness

1. I thought I had to meet a medical insurance deadline today. It's not until the 25th. It's a great relief to have more time.

2. I've turned the corner. While I'm still dealing with rattles and wheezes in my chest, my energy is good, the sore throat is gone, I'm not aching. I'm getting close to being over the short bout I've had with whatever.

3. I hadn't watched "Dog Day Afternoon" since it came our and Eileen and I double-dated with Tom and Lori at the Airport Heights drive-in to see it. Our date was not a fog the windows kind of double date. We watched the movie like the young smarty pants we fancied ourselves to be. Watching it now, thirty-five years later, well, I am staggered by what a good movie it is.

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