Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 08/10/10: "Happy Accidents", Heavy Gypped Dickie, "Voices of the Burn"

1. I wanted to watch Vincent D'Onofrio in a movie and I always admire Marisa Tomei's work, so I watched an obscure movie of theirs, "Happy Accidents". I had a funny experience with this movie. I was not intrigued at all by the time travel premise of the story, but I thoroughly enjoyed watching D'Onofrio and especially Tomei work. Every time I see Marisa Tomei in a movie, her acting drops my jaw.

2. Dickie dropped by Mom's house and among the funny stories he told was the one when he bought an $800 diamond from Heavy uptown in Kellogg and it turned out to be fake.

3. Mom and I went to see Carol and Paul perform "Voices of the Burn" and we learned, through the various first-person accounts, the horrors people endured when the 1910 fire roared through western Montana and North Idaho -- and parts of Canada.

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