Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 08/29/10: Brunch, Airport Trip, Sweet Exhaustion

1. With ease and good cheer we, the good friends Westminster Basement, resumed our conversation this morning and it became clear we didn't want to interrupt ourselves and leave to go out for breakfast, so Bridgit and Linda pulled out the leftover potato salad and pasta salad and salmon and we had a wonderful brunch and continued to talk about life and forgiveness and relationships and what in life endures. We listened, we laughed; there were tears; things remained light even as the subject matter got deeper, got heavy. Only the clock disbanded us. I could really feel the strength of Wordsworth's words: The world is too much with us. I wanted the world and its schedules and demands to evaporate.

2. Susan-Louise and I continued talking about the subjects we'd been discussing with our friends. I enjoyed our conversation a lot and look forward to when we can all find a way to get together again.

3. I fell into a deep sleep this evening, sweetly exhausted by so much good time spent with such wonderful friends, first Diane and Eric, and then Bridgit, Susan-Louise, Gerry, Linda, Bill, and Diane. The youth of today have a great word for what I experienced: epic.

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