Friday, September 17, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 09/16/10: Babysitting Olivia, Barbie's Back, All Roads Lead to Kellogg

1. I babysat Olivia for an hour or so this morning and we had fun walking, playing, eating, and watching the opening sequence of "Godfather, Part II". Olivia asked me to explain what was happening at Ellis Island and didn't understand, at first, how Vito's last name went from Andolini to Corleone, so I replayed how the immigration officer wrote down the town he was from, not his name and then Olivia nodded (she can't say "Oh, I get it!"yet).

2. Coffee with Margaret, Jeff, and Michael was gloriously interrupted by a sudden visit from Barbie and Miriam; I can't remember when I last saw Barbie and I'm sure we'll follow through on our spontaneous but undefined plan to have coffee soon.

3. Dinner at Billy Mac's was really fun last night. I enjoyed listening to Russell enthuse about his new camera lenses and reflect on his family's trip to Hawaii; I enjoyed how Allie and Olivia really like each other; I enjoyed, out of the corner of my eye, watching the Seattle Storm defeat the Atlanta Dream for the WNBA championship; I enjoyed talking poker and Buffalo wings and other Buffalo food delights with Anne and Russell. Toward the end of the evening, I had my most enjoyable moment. It was an "All Roads Lead to Kellogg" moment. Talk about Portland State University led to mention of Debra Gwartney and her memoir "Live Through This" and I stated, factually, I went to Kellogg High School with her former husband. Jaws dropped. "You're kidding!" The universal question returned: "What is it about Kellogg?". I smiled broadly.

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