Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 08/14/10: Carol Lee and Jake Getting Married, Life Passes Before My Eyes, Riding to the Casino

1. Jake and Carol Lee's wedding was a simple and gorgeous ceremony, highlighted by Jake taking the microphone and singing to Carol Lee. He blew the congregation away.

2. The wedding and reception made my life pass before my eyes: Roger Fulton, Maxine Milot, Jim and Sue Bachmier, Dave (Dersky) and Debbie Holland, the Turnbows, and many others were all together at the wedding and the reception and I had the deepest of feeling of being home and belonging right where I was.

3. Ed and I went down to Worley to try our luck at the casino. We ended up not having much luck, at all, but, as always, going to the casino isn't about playing machines. It's about getting the world and all that's in it straightened out with Ed. We did a great job of that.

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