Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 08/23/10: Car Fixed, The Syrian Bride, Weddings in World Lit.

1. Car fixed! And it was not expensive! Darrell at Reco's figured out the electrical problem that needed repair and Robin made a trip from his shop down to Reco's Auto Repair to replace the mirror. Then Robin didn't want to take a credit card and told me just to send him a check when I got to Eugene. Great service all the way around in Kellogg for getting my car back on the road.

2. Of all the Middle East movies I've watched this summer, I watched the most compelling one today: "The Syrian Bride". Hiam Abbass was superb again and this movie intersected a variety of plot lines, each exploring a different dimension of the complex situation in the Golan Heights.

3. Watching "The Syrian Bride" inspired the idea in me that I might focus on wedding movies as a part of my World Lit. syllabus next spring. Weddings, in movies, are always a vehicle for exploring all kinds of things because so many different kinds of people with so many different points of view converge when a couple gets married and this happens in a variety of international movies appropriate to the World Lit course.

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Norm dePlume said...

Weddings Syllabus:
Monsoon Wedding
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Four Weddings and A Funeral
(Dr. Zhivago?? )