Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 08/07/10: Parade Prep, Carol and Paul's Song, Steaks and Dancing to the Kelly Hughes Band

1. What a blast! I gathered with over fifteen of my Class of '72 friends at Jake's mom's house and we put together our float for the All-Class Reunion parade. Wanda brought a bucket of margaritas, the wise cracks flew, as did candy for the kids on the parade route, and we had a boisterous, belly laughing time.

2. The All-Class Reunion Welcoming Ceremony's highlight, by far, was Carol and Paul singing a version of "I've Been Everywhere" that they turned into a song about place names in the Silver Valley.

3. After eating steaks with Don and Bruce and Scott in Don's back yard, the Kelly Hughes Band performed in the evening and Sharon and Joni and I had a great time dancing.

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