Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 09/01/10: Catch Up, Good Friends, Guy Clark Session

1. I wrote all day today getting caught up on Three Beautiful Things from August 2 until today. I had good notes to work from about each day and I enjoyed getting caught up on this project.

2. Posting these Three Beautiful Things as well as posting photos from the get together at Bridgit's mom and dad's house led to some wonderful correspondence online and a couple very good chats. I can't list all the people I heard from today, but I thoroughly enjoyed hearing from all of you.

3. I wanted to illustrate having seen "Heartworn Highways" with some clips from the movie and that led me to an emotional 20-30 minutes on YouTube listening to Guy Clark sing and watching him play. He's my favorite young guy in "Heartworn Highways" and I enjoy him even more as a seasoned adult, closing in on 70 years old.

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