Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 08/13/10: Silver Valley Tour, BBQ at Joni's, Baritone Connection

1. A great Silver Valley tour day with Terri and Bev: breakfast at the 1313, a drive to Kellogg with stops at the Sunshine Fire memorial and at the mine itself, a tour of the old Bunker Hill grounds, a visit with Mom, and then a drive up the river and refreshments at the Prichard Tavern.

2. Joni hosted a superb BBQ on the eve of Jake and Carol's wedding. Their home, perched on Riverview Drive, was the perfect setting for an evening of laughs, stories, great food, and incomparable company.

3. Landon, Joni's grandson, and I hit it off when we learned we both play the baritone horn.

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