Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 09/13/10: Rest, Lindsey and Molly and Olivia, Happy Teacher Deke

1. When I'm sick, I refuse to be heroic. I refuse to grit my teeth and carry on with tasks as if I were not sick. I rest. Period. I sleep. Exclamation mark. I rested and slept today. No question.

2. Molly gives Olivia her all: attention, a playmate, help walking, good food. It tires Molly out. She also needs companionship with her peers. It's always a happy time around here when Lindsey comes over and Molly and Lindsey and Olvia (and sometimes Lucas) pile in Lindsey's rig and go to a park or go for coffee or have lunch or all of the above. I noticed a marked improvement in Molly's countenance yesterday when Lindsey arrived and when Molly got back from her time away from the house, from her time being with Olivia and no one else.

3. The Deke started prompting her fourth graders to do some writing and she read some of the gems to me last night. It's really good the Deke to be teaching reading and writing after two years of not teaching these subjects. She loves it.

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