Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 08/30/10: Slow Day, Cape Cod Stories, Yi-Shen Lunch

1. It was a slow day of recovery from all the emotion of the weekend. I was tired, from exhilaration, from being with people I've known for much of my life and since we have so little time with each other, we jam short times full with conversation, laughter, music, mirth, and support for each other and, in the best way possible, it left me tired today.

2. I had a wonderful conversation with Anne and Russell about their trip to Cape Cod and about Russell's photographs and Anne's family. It was really fun to hear how it all went and to discuss Russell's remarkable work.

3. Russell and I went to Yi-Shen for lunch. On a day chilled by the rain I was so happy to see, Yi-Shen's food was perfect.

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