Sunday, September 5, 2010

Three Beautiful Things: 09/04/10: Costco Fun, Frying Pan Debut, Saturday NCAA College Football

1. Aside from the gray-haired-pony-tailed-self-appointed hipster-wine snob-condescending know-it-all, people at Costco were having a good time, sampling buffalo wings, ham on a toothpick, quesadillas, fresh squeezed orange juice in a carton, and buying all kinds of food and home products to enjoy. I especially enjoyed this outing with Molly and Olivia as my shopping companions.

2. After having bought an electric frying pan on Thursday, I fixed my first meal with it today and it's one of my favorites: hamburger, bacon, potatoes, onion, Montreal steak seasoning, corn, string beans, tomatoes, topped with shredded sharp cheddar cheese. Molly and the Deke enjoyed it and even Olivia had a scrap or two and was pleased.

3. On the first day of Saturday college football, two pleasures stand out: Jacksonville State's stunning come from behind double overtime win over Mississippi and BYU's defeat of the University of Washington. The Ducks' 72-0 win over New Mexico was such a dire mismatch that I didn't feel much pleasure in their win. By the way, I watched highlights of the Jacksonville State game and didn't at all consider it a win over Jeremiah Masoli -- Masoli engineered both of Ole Miss's overtime touchdown drives. Jacksonville State won that game with two miracle plays on offense, the touchdown on 4th and fifteen and the remarkable two point conversion to win the game.

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