Monday, September 27, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 09/26/10: Ice Road Trucking of ____, Ice Road Trucking of Reading Scripture Aloud, Clear Straight Dry Road Trucking of Food Preparation

1. My recent obsession with the History program "Ice Road Truckers" has had one particular happy result:  if something is really difficult, I will now call it the "Ice Road Trucking" of what ever it is.  For example, if Olivia were particularly out of sorts and impossible to quiet down, I would refer to her as the Ice Road Trucking of fifteen month old babies.

2. This designation came in handy yesterday. In church, I read the Old Testament lesson from Jeremiah and the passage contained the following names: Zedekiah, Nebuchadrezzar, Hanamel, Shallum, Anathoth, Baruch, Neriah, and Mahseiah. It was the Ice Road Trucking of reading scripture aloud.

3.  Dinner last night, however, was the Clear Straight Dry Road Trucking of food preparation.  Following Molly's lead of shredded chicken with green salsa in a bowl and then rolled in a taco, I fried a pound of hamburger accompanied by sweet onions and a potato diced into small pieces, put it in a bowl, poured red salsa over it and scooped the mixture into browned flour tortillas with melted shredded sharp cheddar cheese on one side and served it as a taco.  It was an easy meal to prepare and was met with universal approval.  Even enthusiasm. 

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