Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 08/12/10: "Rails and Ties", Melodrama Hit, Drinks at Albi's

1. I read at Netflix or somewhere that "Ties and Rails" was Clint Eastwood's daughter, directorial debut. That got my attention since I love Clint Eastwood's direction of movies. Then I saw that the movie feature two of my favorite performers: Kevin Bacon and Marcia Gay Harden. It's one of those movies that the critics on Rotten Tomatoes excoriate and that I enjoyed, found myself moved by, and enjoyed a lot. I think I enjoyed Bacon, Harden, and the kid so much that the problems with the story itself melted away for me and I gave myself over to the situation and was moved.

2. MIWW and I met Terri and Bev at the 6th Street Melodrama and thoroughly enjoyed Paul and Carol's direction of Paul's play, "Rustlers at the Ranch or How Fast Can the Taylors Run". I was laughing or smiling from beginning to end and found the Kelly's Revue a lot of fun and, at times, affecting.

3. MIWW, Bev, and Terri and I went to Albi's after the play for a drink and I loved seeing Bev and Terri in a whole different context and completely enjoyed how much they and Mom enjoyed one another's company.

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