Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 08/22/10: Dog Experiment, Great Lunch, Fun Dinner

1. Christy and Everett arrived in Kellogg and for the first time, did not bring their dogs. They decided to experiment and see how the dogs would do overnight in the house on their own with plenty of food and water available. Turns out, it worked!

2. Upon their arrival, Mom put out a huge spread of 1000 pieces of cold chicken and a huge bowl of pasta salad and we had a great lunch. I was glad, as we ate, that the Melodrama is fast-paced and funny because I think I would have fallen asleep during the play after such a lunch.

3. Mom and I met Christy and Everett, Carol's family, Pat and Burt, and Gary and Mary Damiano for dinner at the Jameson Hotel in Wallace. The company, the conversation, the laughter, the good cheer at the table was really fun. The food? Terrible.

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