Sunday, September 26, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 09/25/10: Happiness in WR 121, Radical Juxtaposition of Unlike Things, Chicken Tacos

1.  I made a significant breakthrough in my thinking about the fall quarter WR 121 course and knowing just how I'm going to tackle some new challenges in that course makes me feel much better about school starting on Monday.  We'll examine the question of happiness and I found a good article to get us started and inquiring into the nature of happiness will be a good way to get our minds ready to read the two books I'm assigning. 

2.  I had a good  visit with Russell and, while we were watching Boise State and Oregon State, Anne and Allie arrived home.  I told Anne and Russell I'd read a document, on their insistence, that came from on high at LCC and we had a spirited conversation about its absurdity and the fragmented consciousness that produced it:  radical juxtaposition of unlike things came to mind.  Really unlike things.

3.  For dinner, Molly fixed the chicken tacos she's been telling us about for several weeks, and I enjoyed them a lot. 

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