Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 08/27/10: Cocktails, Tenderloin, Magic

1. Upon arriving at Diane's, I hugged Diane and Eric and met Marc and then when asked if I wanted a glass of wine, I asked if there was any gin in the house and suddenly the room exploded with enthusiasm and Diane and I went to the liquor store for a fifth of Tanqueray and to the grocery store for Schwepp's tonic, as ordered by Eric, and it was back to Diane's house and the pleasure of superb cocktails and superb conversation with good friends was underway. Honestly, I thought I was being kind of demanding when I asked for cocktails and was ecstatic when everyone was into it and the trip to both stores was so easy.

2. Diane served up a tenderloin she found at a cut rate price at Winco that was heavenly.

3. Whether it was something silly like "Magnet and Steel" or rocking like "Whole Lotta Love" or classic like "Layla" or just plain solid like "Man on the Moon", the deeper into the night we progressed, the more perfect the playlist Diane composed for the Class of '72 became. It was magic.

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