Friday, September 10, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 09/09/10: In the Nick of Time, Frankie Pentangeli, Mom's Favorite Picture

1. I've been helping my mom and Gloria. Today I finished writing and sent out a letter inviting any family who'd like to to make a memorial contribution in John Baugh's name. And wouldn't you know it . . . soon after I finished writing and sent the letter out, Mom called to find out if I'd finished my "assignment" yet. I was so relieved I had finished it and didn't have to face the disappointment of MIWW :).

2. I watched disc 2 of "Godfather, Part II" while working on some mindless tasks at my desk. Most of all, I wanted to watch again the testimony of Frankie Pentangeli in front of the congressional committee investigating Michael Corleone family, and its aftermath. Who is my favorite supporting actor in "Godfather, Part II"? Michael V. Gazzo (although I also really admire the brief work of Joe Spinell as Willie Cici). Here's Frankie:

3. On the phone, Mom (MIWW) told me she really liked this picture of Grandma Deke smiling upon Molly and Olivia. Mom had it printed and will frame it:


inlandempiregirl said...

Both of us got assignments done. You the letter, me... the Olivia picture assignment. We previewed, chose, I printed, and put photos in a folder to keep them from bending. I even offered to frame them, but she declined. I would have hated to sit out in the cloak closet for not doing our assignments... or wash woodwork.

raymond pert said...

I was so relieved. I could almost smell the Lysol and it motivated me to get my assignment finished!

inlandempiregirl said...

LOL... now I got one today. She wants me to mail her a copy of the letter because she doesn't think she will ever see it. I am off to do it right now. I only hope you didn't make any typos!!!Well... you know.