Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 09/06/10: Family Dinner, Olivia Starts to Walk, Sibling Assignment Catch Up

1. The Deke, Molly, Patrick and I congregated at the East 19th St. Tavern for an impromptu dinner, something the four of us rarely have the chance to do. The food was tasty and our conversation combined serious discussion laced with smart ass comments.

2. Once home, it was out to the back yard with Olivia, and Patrick shot some footage of my granddaughter Oliva wobbling some steps alone as she gets closer and closer to walking.

3. I get busy with road trips, watching movies, and general goofing off and fall behind in my Sibling Assignments. Today I got caught up and am raring to get another assignment underway. Maybe I'll just be bold and give an assignment to my sisters myself. Now that I think about, it is my turn. Heh.

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