Friday, September 24, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 09/23/10: Beef Stroganoff, Lester Freamon, Ice Road Truckers

1.  Another good evening at the electric frying pan:  I bought a couple .7 pound round steaks, cut them in strips, floured them with pepper and Jane's Krazy Seasoning, browned the strips and then sauteed onions, celery, and mushrooms.  While these were sauteing, I dumped a modest amount of Worcestershire sauce on the meat, let it all cook a bit and then dumped a couple of cans of beef broth on all of it and let it simmer for about an hour or so.  At that point, I dumped 8 oz of sour cream in the mix, boiled egg noodles, and as a result, our family enjoyed beef stroganoff for dinner.   Universal approval.

 2.  I'm five episodes into "The Wire" and the most revealing scene, to me, so far was McNulty and Freamon's conversation over drinks when McNulty learns why Freamon has been on pawn shop duty for thirteen years and four months.  I'm learning why Bunk called Lester Freamon natural police.

3.  Ed's been telling me a few years now that I have to see "Ice Road Truckers".  I don't have cable so I haven't been able to see it on the History channel.  BUT, I discovered today that "Ice Road Truckers" is an Instant option on Netflix.  I started to watch episode 1 of season 1 this evening:  I'm hooked.

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