Sunday, September 19, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 09/18/10: Fred Meyer Wine Rack, Unloading, OMG! Leah and Cara! OMG!

1. Thank goodness for Fred Meyer. I went to Market of Choice to buy some groceries and on my list was a bottle of Riesling wine. I should have known better than to be able to easily find a bottle at Market of Choice. It's wine section is a labyrinth of snobbery, of high prices and fancy labels and not a bottle of chilled Riesling in sight. Later, after dropping of some stuff at Goodwill, I went to Fred Meyer, knowing that once I picked up some rawhides and doggie poop bags, I'd be able to walk right to the beer case, find a section of chilled cheap white wine, and, sure enough, I did. I'll never try to buy a bottle of wine at Market of Choice again. I'm not sophisticated enough.

2. It really felt good to unload the sherbert maker we have never used, the juicer we quit using about ten years ago, the cookie jar I painted at Brushfire and that we never use, and a few other items and take them to Goodwill. I love opening up more space in the house: now my electric frying pan isn't being cramped like a passenger on a rush hour subway train in the lower kitchen cupboard.

3. After shopping and donating, I was resting on the sofa and I heard voices in the Deke's room. I didn't know what was going on and after a few minutes I crowbarred myself off the couch and what I saw nearly gave me cardiac arrest.

It was Leah! From Denton, TX! Molly's former roommate! OMG! And her sister Cara! OMG x 2!

Leah flew out to see Cara in Salem this weekend and they stealthed into Eugene, without Molly knowing, but in cahoots with Lindsey, and showed up at Old Navy and surprised the stuffings out of Molly before coming to our house and surprising the stuffings out of the Deke and me.

I'd never met Leah.

I'd never met Cara.

It was I really enjoy these friends of Molly's at first sight.

Out for coffee. Back to our house. Pizza. Drinks. Laughter. Stories. Back out again. Back home. Farewells.

How do the youth say it?



Here are Molly and Leah in our dining room:

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