Saturday, September 18, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 09/17/10: No ER, Kelly/Billy Sunshine, Walkin'

1. Nobody got sick. I was really relieved. I made a Crock Pot (gave the electric frying pan a rest) jammed with dark and light chicken meat, onion, red peppers, corn, green beans, broccoli, fusilli, and two and half boxes of low sodium chicken broth. Why would this make anyone sick? Well, the half box I used had been in the refrigerator for a while and it wasn't until after I got the soup all put together that I read that if the box has been opened, it should be used in 7-10 days. Nightmare visions of my soup making Olivia sick and of all of us having to go to ER dominated my imagination. We had a house meeting. I put the facts before the Deke and Molly. I told them the broth in the opened box smell good. We decided to eat it and, if need be, we'd all go to the ER together. We stayed home all night.

2. Through the fog of her Further festival hangover, Kelly was happy to see me and talk about stuff at Trader Joe's. She opened a till and rang up my groceries just so we could continue to talk. By the way, I've been having better trips to Trader Joe's. I seem less bothered by things that used to darken my mood there. Maybe as I get older I'm becoming more sunshiny.

3. Olivia walked more and longer distances today than ever before. She walked across the dining room. She walked nearly twenty steps from the dining room to the Deke. Would she rather walk than crawl? Not yet.

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