Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 08/05/10: Reunion with Jeff, Reunion with Virginia Tinsely-Johnson, Enjoying Jeff's Family

1. Jeff Steve invited me for breakfast at his family property overlooking Cougar Bay and we chewed the fat for several hours over hot coffee and fat vegetable omelets. We hadn't seen each other for nearly twenty years. It was a splendid reunion.

2. The splendor of reuniting with Jeff was augmented by the arrival of Virginia Tinsley-Johnson, my modern literature instructor at NIC in 1973-74. I hadn't seen Virginia for thirty-six years and I especially enjoyed being able to tell her how the works we studied in her course gave me the language and the concepts to understand ways of dealing with having nearly been killed in the summer of 1973. She had no idea that I was finding her courses so crucial to the way I was wrestling with the meaning of my life and life itself. I was thrilled that I got to tell her, in person, just how much her courses meant to me all those years ago. Here we are:

3. Adding to the splendor of seeing Jeff after all these years was meeting his gracious partner, Nan, and their two daughters, Mekalyn and Talia.

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