Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Three Beautiful Things 08/25/10: Morning Drive to Eugene, Reunion with Olivia, State of Play Conclusion

1. I did as I hoped I'd push myself to do: I departed from Kellogg at 4 a.m. and never suffered any difficult heat anywhere in my air conditioner-less Honda. I enjoyed driving in the early morning, regular morning, late morning, and early afternoon.

2. My granddaughter Olivia and her mother Molly are at the house in Eugene until about the end of September and today I began to try to do things Olivia might enjoy and laugh at. Today's action: march in place in front of Olivia while she sits in her high chair or is being held by an adult. I try to touch my knees to my chest. Not only does Olivia think it's a funny thing to do, so do Molly and the Deke.

3. I arrived home and the last three episodes of the BBC's "The State of Play" were waiting for me and I loved it! Polly Walker didn't disappoint either. Her character was just the right blend of a woman longing for companionship outside her marriage but wanting to save her marriage and fierce, intelligent independence. Brilliant mini-series. Here she is about to further her affair with her husband's former campaign manager:

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